As we say goodbye to winter, its dreary days and cold weather, we have so many things to look forward to with the changing of seasons. March is a time of positive changes and opportunities, as it ushers in brighter, warmer days. In March, we spring forward by setting our clocks ahead one hour, we welcome the onset of spring and also celebrate National Nutrition Month®!

Keep reading for a glimpse at some of the positive aspects you’ll notice when you spring into action as we transition into a new season.

Enjoy a Sunny Disposition

Some grumble about the affects of daylight saving time on their sleep schedule, but fail to see the big picture and the added benefits. With a bit more daylight, you have the ability to accomplish more in your afternoons and switch up your routine.

Getting your daily dose of good ole Vitamin D is important for several reasons. For starters, proper amounts of Vitamin D help the body absorb calcium to promote bone growth. Too little Vitamin D can lead to fragile bones, causing other complications. Additionally, changing your scenery by taking your work, workouts or even just a small break outdoors can lead to a sunnier mood.

Complete a Fresh Air Workout
Extra daylight and nicer weather create the perfect setting to get outside and enjoy fresh air workouts. Along with the mental health boost associated with getting outdoors, you will also reap physical benefits and continue to see fitness gain without the stuffy, crowded gym and repetitive use of exercise equipment. And, the best part is, fresh air workouts are completely free!

The world is truly your playground and what you choose to do, or not do, with your outdoor workout is entirely up to you. Promote good cardiovascular conditioning by swapping out the treadmill or elliptical for other adventurous activities like hiking, biking or running stairs. If you prefer a slower pace, enjoy your surroundings by taking a stroll through your neighborhood or practicing yoga in a nearby park.

Let National Nutrition Month® Inspire You
What better time than National Nutrition Month® to kick off a cleaner, more well-rounded eating regimen and stick with it? Most of us start off the new year with the best intentions by setting goals for ourselves and creating strict plans to achieve them; however, often by the time March rolls around, our resolutions are long forgotten. Let National Nutrition Month® rekindle your desire to lead a healthy, active lifestyle!

Whether you’re looking to change a number of bad habits or only a couple, there are some basic principles to consider when it comes to navigating your way through the behavior change process. This time around, set goals but make them attainable.

  • Make the easiest changes first
  • Clear the junk food clutter from your fridge and pantry
  • Pay attention to your food labels and caloric intake
  • Plan your healthier meals and snacks in advance so you’re not derailed
  • Keep track of your progress and missteps

National Nutrition Month is a registered trademark of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics (Academy).